Monday, November 18, 2013

Bohemian vs Nordic

These are the little conversations we have in our home from time to time. 

I told Joel today that it's finally time to dust off the Christmas decorations and put up some holiday cheer. 

Each year I try to accumulate more decorations to put up in the house. I change the theme every year to add a little extra pizazz. 

In the last few years we've had 'candy', 'white wonderland', 'silver and gold' and this year, I had mentioned that I'm thinking a 'Bohemian - Modern Christmas' would be adorable. You should've seen the look in Joel's face. 

Confused. Mortified. Concerned. 

I had envisioned whites, burlap, with metals and woods. Antlers, bright reds with beautiful patterns (you know, like the sweaters our parents wore when they were little!) Add a pop of mirrors and clean lines and you'd have the Spry family Christmas decorations. 

Well, tonight when I jumped on Pinterest to get some more ideas, I typed in 'Bohemian Christmas decorations' and I looked like a gypsy puked on the screen!

Hold up! What!? Glittery sequins jewel toned stockings covered the pages. EEKS!!! No wonder I got the craziest look from Joel earlier today! (Not a bad style... Just not what I expected!)

So I told him my thoughts in what I really wanted and he said it sounded more like 'Nordic-Scandinavian' and sure enough, my guy was right! Ha!

I guess I better work on my geography and world trends and culture. These two styles are almost exact opposites. (Follow Pinterest photos in the right hand column to see original phot credit)

Now it's safe to say I'll be going to bed without dreaming of sequined, jingly stockings chasing me.... But a calm, cozy, white and clean home filled with the thought of a never ending flow of hot chocolate (with marshmallows please)

Bring on the Silent Night and all the other Christmas songs... We are ready. 

Decorations go up starting tomorrow!

What's your favorite Christmas song? 


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  1. One of my favs is Away in the Manger but I can't do decorations until after Thanksgiving! Christa Fitch