Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Today was AMAZING!!!!

Joel and I have been looking forward of coming home to see our family for a few weeks and we knew we wanted to just be intentional with soaking in the family bonding while we were here. 

Today we woke up fairly early and seriously just lounged around, laughing and snuggling up on our newest little niece.
We used to run around to every store while we were back home (which never really made sense because we have almost every store in MT as they do here in SD!) but not this trip. It's all about the relationships this time. 

We enjoyed a late lunch/early dinner Thanksgiving spread. My mother in law and sister in law know how to cook! It was all so delicious!

Joel and I made a new appetizer that was super yum too. I'll share the recipe soon!

Tonight I went on a little adventure with 3 in laws to do some Black Friday shopping. I just wanted to go for the experience and only wanted to snag one item knowing that it would be gone before I even got to the store (Dr Dre Beats!). We went to the Walmart closest to us and it was like a ghost town. No adventure there. But I did purchase some razors (even though it's freezing here my husbands deserves to see and feel better legs than this!) and a Mooshka tot (cutest soft baby dolls I've ever seen!) for the little Bear. 

Next we hit up Target. That was a little busier but I didn't make it past the baby section. You see we left MT with no sippy cups or a travel high chair, two things an almost one year old absolutely needs! Once I was in the baby section, I was sucked in drooling over the selection of newborn baby girl clothes. Let's just say that little miss Ava Joy may have gotten a little spoiled from Auntie Jari tonight. 

So my Black Friday shopping experience seemed so much more like a regular trip to the store. Not sure I'll ever do that again. But I do have to say the company was perfect. I'm so happy the 4 of us went as we got a chance to have some good laughs together. 

I have something VERY.VERY.VERY exciting to share with you oh so soon!!! Joel and I have conquered something monumental for us!!!!!

Until tomorrow.... I'll be taking more photos! I've noticed since not being on Instagram, which is so hard some days, I haven't been taking as many photos. Boo. I need to get better.

Happy Thanksgiving. There is so much to give The Lord glory and thanksgiving for. So blessed. 


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  1. Avin looks just like her Mom in the picture of her and Ava. Wow! The teaser about something VERY, VERY, VERY exciting.,........ torture and not fair! Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow. You're only a day away! See you bright and early TOMORROW!