Sunday, November 3, 2013

Little Shoes

Many times throughout our day, I find myself tripping over shoes. Stacked up at the door, strewn all over the laundry/mud room, and even on the stairs. 

I find myself getting frustrated more often than not about all the shoes (mine and Joel's included) lazily left wherever they are kicked off. 

But not today. Today I found joy in the little shoes. And the big shoes. All these pairs of shoes remind me of the blessings that pitter patter across the floors. The experiences we have on the field or at the office. The different shoes represent many seasons and memories we've made in them. 

Some of the shoes have been around a while. Like my aunties cowgirl boots that I have been wearing frequently. The hunting boots that have seen the remote forests of Montana. The cleats with mud left on them share memories of playing with friends, learning disciple and respect for the game. The flip flops that remind us of little rays of sunshine this past summer as the snow is falling tonight. 

The memories of an infant baby turning toddler who is  learning how to do life in these sweet shoes. 
Today I am thankful for shoes. And all the stories they tell of their precious owners. 


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