Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween & Hair Do!

This morning started off as a treat. This mama got a 2 1/2 hour timeout that involved scissors and some foil! Sounds scary... But it was far from that! 

Joel treated me once again with a morning at the salon. He came home from work to hang out with Avin, while the big girls were at school co-op at the church, so I could have some me time. 

As you know, I've been bleaching my hair for the past 2 years and it was pretty toast. Today I went with a more natural blond (almost my adult natural color) and cut about 5 inches off the back. I really like the new look but it'll still take some time to get used to. What do you think?
Then I rushed home as I still had a costume to make before my biggest little got home from school. I wanted to surprise her and have it finished and surprisingly, it happened! 
We went with all hand made costumes this year for Halloween. Arly chose Pocahontas and 2 yards of faux suede and a couple hot glue sticks later were we set with a poncho, skirt, headband with feathers and even a treat bag. 
(Wow! When I see this photo she looks so old... And beautiful... And I'm so proud of the lovely young lady she is becoming)

Alyn was 'Squirty' the clown. And an adorable clown she was! We had almost everything down in the dress up bin so all we had to get was the suspenders, shoe covers, and nose.
(She played the part quite well! She was hilarious and was the life of the party!)

Little Miss Avin almost got forgotten this year. Joel and I came across the funniest little grandma ensemble that we totally wanted her to be but couldn't find a used walker we could saw down to her size. So I kind of forgot all about her costume until 2 days ago. I remembered seeing a little octopus DIY costume on Pinterest a while back and totally winged it on her costume. It turned out completely adorable!!! 4 pairs of rights, a role of wire, a bag of poly-fil and some felt and we had ourselves the cutest little octopus you ever did see. 
(Everyone commented on how sweet she was. She even got pretty good walking with the belt of 6 extra legs by the end of the night!)

We had some of the sweetest friends join us for the trick or tearing and some super delicious chili (spicy and regular) and hot dogs. Add some hot chocolate, wassail and Oktoberfest and you have yourself one amazingly, comfortable, relaxing night with perfect company. 

We honestly couldn't have asked for better weather and conversation tonight. 

I'm heading to bed, with a happy heart and smile on my face, because I ended my month of focusing on relationship really doing just that. 

I'm so blessed to be surrounded by so many incredible people. 

(I'm going to have to watch this one!)

Happy Halloween!!!! From our house to yours!
Now bring on the Christmas music and tree!!



  1. Your hair looks great! I am enjoying getting to know the everyday jari behind the superstar status.

  2. You look beautiful! Your hair is so classy and chic. Hope you're enjoying your days without social media. <3 Jessica Akers

  3. they were all adorable - Great job Jari!!