Wednesday, August 21, 2013


That's how I feel today. It's not a panic numb. It's more of a waiting numb. Like the whole world has stopped. Just waiting. 

It has taken every thing I have to come up with a morsel of energy just to try to be social with people today. To do a little Scentsy work. To be a good mom. And wife. 

I haven't been productive at all. I have been consumed by the media coverage and our neighbors' updates. 

Spry school was in session but it was pretty surface and spotty all day. Just like our cell service and Internet too. 

If I try to go to bed now I know I'll get more sleep than I have the past couple of nights. That will feel good. 
So that's what I'm going to try to do. 

Our update today:
This outline shows were the fire grew from yesterday to this morning. 
This map shows where we and some of our dear friends are at. The yellow square represents one mile. The Fire is now obviously a little closer but today was a good day. They have dozed lines on the west side of the Sleeman homes (where Luhmann's and Boretsky's are on the map)  where they are prepared to do a back burn if the fire reaches past it's trigger point. Today, we watched 4 helicopters and a spotter and bomber plane drop 40,000 pounds of retardant which helped hold the fire for most of the afternoon. 
These aerials were much closer in person than they appear in these photos. These were taken from our across the street neighbors backyard. 

Tomorrow, it sounds like they will be prepping a line between Sleeman and us just in case (as a back up)

We did receive an evacuation notice as a precaution. Nothing mandatory yet. We are still at home. 

Tonight is expected to be calm.... The girls and Joel were outside playing whiffle ball with the neighbors tonight. It is eerily calm today and our air quality was surprisingly good. Very little smoke. Could it be because we are so close to it?
They say we are expecting thunderstorms tomorrow. Things will most likely pick up. 

We have had so many more resources pouring in to help. Our fire is the top priority fire in the nation. Even still, resources are short but the MT National Guard is set to be here tomorrow and Monday. 

Praise Jesus for today's weather and for all of our fire crews working day and night. We are so thankful. 

Now I better go. This little one is playing me some music. Time to drop the crib down to the lowest notch ;)

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  1. Continuing to pray Isaiah 43 over you and your household. You are so loved. Try to rest sweet friend.