Tuesday, August 6, 2013

500 Bars of Wax

We have a challenge going on this week as we share the Scentsy opportunity, party experience, and all of our amazing products at the Western Montana Fair. 
It is our goal to sell 500 bars of wax in the six days that the fair is underway. 

We want our area of Missoula and beyond to have their homes smelling amazing! We make the world smell better, one cube at a time. 

This is just the beginning of the week and I'm so excited to spend my days with our customers and friends. 

On another note, I'm missing my bigs so much. Their sweet voices and their spontaneous hugs during the day. I'm also realizing how much help the girls are with baby Bear. I almost had a nervous breakdown (I'm not sure if that's what it was but it was very uncomfortable and I had never felt that way before) today as I was preparing to leave the house. I had to call Joel just so I could breathe. It was bazaar. But it reminded me that maybe I'm spiritually dry. 

I have felt so busy lately.... With wife stuff, mom stuff, work stuff, and feel rushed. 

I'm going to start taking time for myself. I'm going to make the first hours of my day focused on spending time with The Lord and getting in physical activity. 

Ill let you know how to works. Because I better be more alert and ready to chase because look at this little one! 
What?!?! Already!?

She's growing too fast.... 
Now I need to go snuggle her. 



Breakfast: vanilla protein shake

Snack: green apple and peanut butter

Lunch: brown rice and bean stuffed green peppers covered in salsa and chalula :)

Dinner: lots of veggies! And chips and salsa with more beans :)

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  1. good luck with the bars and the refocusing on you - I think I need to do that too - life is crazy!!