Friday, May 29, 2015

Big Sister Love.

 With oooing and ahhing non stop when they enter into their baby brothers NICU room, I just know these two big sisters are completely head over heels with the new little guy in our lives. Our girls had to wait about a week and a half after Anchor Joel was born before they could be in the same room with him. They did get a few sneak peeks in from the window (most adorable photo ever!)

NICU has a very strict policy that only brothers and sisters to the patient who are up to date with their immunizations. This might not seem like a big deal but when you aren't the most organized gal in the world (or even the neighborhood!) it takes some time to get all the records you need all compiled and ready to have your doctor sign off on them. Arly was behind on one shot, but she eagerly marched her way into the doctors office and took one for team Anchor. Finally, after 10 days of waiting, your sisters got to touch their precious little buddy... and I'm absolutely positive they fell in love all over again.
Both Arly & Alyn come in with us a couple of times per week and help with Anchor's 'hands on' time. They've gotten very good at doing his containment therapy (see how they have their hands lightly on his head and back? That makes him feel secure with boundaries... just like it feels for him in the womb). They also get to take his temperature under his arm pit and help with his 'milk pops!' - he loves a q-tip dipped in breast milk and rolled on his tongue. It's his absolutely favorite part of hands on care I'm sure of it!

I can't wait until the day when those precious little hands are holding their baby brother... tickling his toes... playing cars with him on the floor... throwing balls back and forth to each other. Some day.... sooner than we'll ever imagine.

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  1. Some day soon he will be home and screaming his head off in the middle of the night and for a split second, you will wish you had a NICU nurse at home with you! Those NICU nurses and maternity floor nurses... They're really something special!

    Thinking of you guys!