Thursday, January 1, 2015

1000 miles in 2015

My sister Jackie is amazing. I witnessed (from over 700 miles away) the determination and drive this woman had this past year. I have never seen someone more persistent and consistent in their fitness goals. 

Last January, she promised herself that she would put in 1000 miles of intentional exercise for the year. She didn't count the  everyday walking around that she did. She didn't count the steps on a pedometer. She intentionally set aside time almost every day to put in miles on the pavement. 

She is a new woman. I'm not sure of it's the 40+ pounds that she lost... But my heart tells me it's so much more than that. She is happy. She feels good. She looks incredible. And she's still going! She finished her goal almost a week before her deadline. And today she set a new goal for herself. 

When I grow up, I want to have the persistence of my big sister. I want to start... And finish. 

So today, I started the exact challenge. This means that on average, I need to walk/jog 2.74 miles each day. This year I grow up. I'll be posting on social media as my way of being held accountable. If you don't see me post, call me out on it. I need you. All of you. 

I'm extremely out of shape. The worst I've ever been in my whole life. I don't like to exercise.... But I've finally realized that I NEED to exercise. I will start slowly... But I WILL finish! 

I was a gifted a FitBit for Christmas and am looking for friends on there that will help me stay challenged. (Also, how in the world do you add friends on fitbit?!)

I'm looking for friends to join this challenge with me. Are you in? 

Day one = 1.5 miles

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  1. I am doing same thing in Harrogate UK, Good Luck with Your Challenge