Wednesday, May 13, 2015

But I'm Only 26 Weeks Pregnant

I want to share our story. I feel the urge to write it all down at once and document everything so I never forget. I want this for our family to remember.... But I also want to share as there have been many of our kind family, friends, aquaintances, and even strangers who have been praying for us and I feel that you all should be in the know of our journey. I've been guarding my heart but I feel it's time to slowly walk through this journey right here behind this keyboard. 
(My last pregnancy photo...)

When I showed up at the hospital for just a quick check up on our baby, I had no idea in a million years that we were so close to meeting our sweet 'ninja' baby. (Ninja because this little baby was the hardest kicker and was constantly moving, jabbing and punching in my tummy!)

It was just a regular morning on Thursday April 30th. I had a regular scheduled doctor appointment on the Tuesday before. During this appointment, I had gained 17 lbs in the past month! I mean I may have had a few donuts but 17 lbs worth? It was also very clear that I had started dumping a lot of protein. This isn't really a new thing for me. I had preeclampsia at the end of my pregnancy with Arly; mild toxemia during my pregnancy with Alyn; and slightly elevated blood pressure at the end of carrying Avin. Each time it happened later  and later and my symptoms got milder. 

Just to double check my protein levels, my amazing doctor ordered me to do a 24 hour protein count. This is also something that didn't surprise me. I've done this plenty of times. Enough times to know I'm a '2 jugger.' (Did I just really share that? Well hydrated I guess.)

I woke up on Thursday morning and was in a bit of a rush. I had just gotten the girls up, changed Avin's diaper and told the girls I'd be right back. I just had to run my samples to the lab and get a little blood drawn. I'd only be gone for 45 minutes tops. I left without getting them more milk. I would just grab it on my way home, just in time for breakfast. 

I had a nagging headache that woke me around 4am that morning and it just wouldn't go away. Something (or Someone) made me pull out the blood pressure cuff and check my pressure. 
I was so surprised to see that it was elevated. I hadn't had an issue at all during this pregnancy. Why now? What was going on? I'm only 26 weeks along. 

I text my doctor the pressure readings and told her about the headache. On my way into town for the quick stop at the lab, I got a call asking me to just bring and do my lab work at triage in the labor and delivery at the hospital. They wanted to just take a quick peek at the baby to make sure she or he was ok. I drove up to Joel's office and he jumped in the car with me. He goes to every appointment with me. So we went to the hospital...

And then I didn't leave. Long story a bit shorter; my blood pressures kept rising, the protein count from my 24hour collection was extremely high and my headache wasn't going away. 

My doctor came to our room in triage, and in the most gentlest voice, but with a concern that I couldn't shake, she told me that I wasn't leaving the hospital until I had this baby. 

What?! Umm... I'm only 26 weeks! This precious baby needs more time to grow! I have 3 kids at home... Who need milk and their hair braided for softball practice and their mama! My husband is a busy coach! It's just a headache... It'll go away! 

Within the hour I was admitted to room 6 and started my journey of being a human pin cushion. 

To be continued...


  1. Jari, sweet Mama and woman of BIG faith! It's so hard to dig deep, to let the roller coaster of emotions lay at His feet. Crazy that only a little over a month ago I was sharing my Maddie's story, her journey with you.
    As hard as it is, I'm so glad you are writing it down. It will be important for all of you, and especially for Anchor as he grows. He can get through hard things because he is strong. As you write, it will allow you to let go, give it to Him, and be VERY present each step of the way. It's amazing how fast we forget small details. Keep journaling for you and for Anchor. Thank you for sharing, and allowing us to pray for your sweet boy. He is beautiful. Big hugs <3


  2. You are such an inspiration in following and fearing God. Thank you for sharing your journey with me. He is perfect. Love you