Saturday, May 16, 2015

Anchor Update

Today, Joel and I sit quietly in Anchor boys dark NICU room. He is so content just sleeping like this. 
Yes, you're seeing this correctly. Face down, in his bed, whole face buried in his nest. He had such a hard time working to keep his oxygen levels up with the cpap yesterday but the overnight nurse put him face down and he is doing so much better. It's easier for the micro preemies to get the air into their lungs when they are on their tummies. Their lungs have more support and they don't have to labor as hard to get them to expand all the way. 

Because he is being so picky about which position he is in and his rocky day yesterday, we are giving him a 'day off' from getting in and out of his isolette (his bed.) This means that I don't get to have skin to skin time with him. Do I get bummed? Absolutely. There is nothing more I want in this world than to just smell my baby boy. Every day. And it hurts my heart that I don't get to feel his little heart beat and hiccups on my chest. 

But each day, I prepare my heart for that little break. I just have to absolutely trust that the decisions made by his doctors and nurses each day are for his best development and growth. Even if that means a few tears. I'm ok with it because I don't have any other choice. 

So today, we just sit quietly and watch him. We pray. We celebrate a good day. 

He is back on his bilirubin lights, which is completely common for them to go on and off of the lights. Joel even said this morning, 'I bet he misses his beach time.' I think dad was right. He is having a great day so far just soaking in the rays and chillin' without much commotion. 

Guess what?! He is over 2 pounds!!!! 2 lb 1 oz to be exact. What a tank?! *Wink* His feedings have been bumped up from 1 1/2 cc every 3 hours to 3 cc every 3 hours. Just to get perspective, I took this photo last night to show how much milk I'm producing in one pumping session and how much he eats (through a tube). 
That's almost 6 oz in the mini sterilized bottles and the syringe is 11/2 cc. I guess my body knows that it has one job to do right now.... Make milk for this little handsome boy! (And apparently he likes to shop at Costco! Bulk supply is the name of the game!)

Thank you for your daily prayers. We appreciate them more than you'll ever know. 

Prayer request: 
To continue to keep Anchor comfortable in this new environment and for his little body to keep up with the demands of the outside world.  For his O2 levels to stay up and for him to tolerate more handling and different positions. (Maybe that's a selfish one for this mommy because I want nothing more than to snuggle my new son). For the staff here at Community Medical to know what's best for him and the other babies in their care.

Thanks always. We love you! 

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