Wednesday, May 6, 2015


God is amazing! Let's just rest in that for a moment (plus forever!) He has knit and continues to perfectly assemble this little boy each and every moment. 

Anchor is doing amazing. Yesterday, Joel & I got to hold him for the first time while my sister Jackie  took some precious photos. He is so tiny but so big at the same time. He got his first feeding of mommas milk while we were there (1mL every 3 hours) and went to sleep as soon as he laid on my chest. We look forward to our daily time to hold him. He has been breathing room air for a couple days now so that is amazing. His brain scans came back great (they will do these every couple of weeks) and all of his levels for pretty much every thing have been fabulous as well. We know that this is a journey of endurance and strength for our little guy so your prayers mean more than you'll ever know. 

I'm feeling better as each day goes by. We are working through the tail end of the preeclampsia (which is why we had to deliver Anchor so early). Getting my blood pressure to even out and find the right dosage with medicine is getting closer and closer each day. I'm pretty sore and tired so will still be in the hospital for a couple more days. 

Joel is such an incredible man, husband and father. He has been with me through every moment and has prayed constantly for both myself and his new son. He has a lot on his plate now with us at the hospital, our 3 big amazing daughters at home and juggling the work and home life. But like I said, he's our rock and our leader. I've never been more in love. 

Please know that we have seen and felt each and every message and prayer. We know we need help and are completely humbled and grateful to have all of your willingness and prayers. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and our whole being for everything... Before, now and to come. I will be updating our blog throughout this whole journey and beyond. 

Thank you again, everyone, for everything. 


  1. Praying for his strength and strength for the rest of you as well.

  2. Praying for you. You are lifted up in the Mission Valley. Never far from our hearts.