Friday, May 15, 2015

Anchor Update

First of all, I haven't been the best at keeping everyone updated daily on our new little mister. I'm blaming the drugs.... Oxycodone isn't a fan of mine. But the feelings are mutual. 

On Wednesday, Anchor was taken off the ventilator which was super exciting. He is now able to lay on his tummy which he absolutely loves. They also have taken him off the bilirubin lights so no more cool dude shades or 'under armor' sweatband for now (Arly thought that was the cutest little headband! - Thanks Auntie Jackie!) They have also increased the amount of his feedings. He now gets 1 1/2 cc of breast milk in his feeding tube every 3 hours. 

He is now on a CPAP (forced oxygen given through nose plugs). This morning, there was a lot of commotion in the NICU and I think our little man could feel the stress of the environment. We came in for our 8 am hands on time and his oxygen levels were pretty low (in 50s when they like them between 86-97). It was the first time I felt weak in my knees. He was also lying on his back since they had just done an X-ray of his lungs and his PICC line - PICC line is still perfectly placed. The wanted to monitor the lower lungs to make sure they were expanding properly. The blood vessels are working pretty hard but his blood gas levels are good. He had had increased O2 levels today. 

Think of this: your windpipe is about the size of your ring finger. If you were to have a straw that size to breathe out of and had to run up and down flights of stairs... That is what it's like for him. Using his little premature lungs in this big outside world is hard work. I mean, look at his tiniest most precious little ring finger. 

And even still, I got a 3 hour hold in. That is the most precious part of my days right now. It almost feels like we are on autopilot. One day is blurrin to the next. But it's ok. It's more than ok. It's perfect because this is just where we are at right now. One day at a time, even if we don't have a clue what day it is. 

Prayer request: for strength and stamina for Anchor to help his learn to breathe on his own; for wisdom and strength for the NICU nurses and doctors, and for our family to keep our stamina up as we are adjusting to our new schedule and routine.