Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday with the Sprys

Snuggling with Papa
Sleeping in and snoozing. 
Scripture and sermon over donuts and coffee. 

Spinning and twirling... And lots of falling down. 
A whole lot of sitting. 
Today was chilly so staying inside was our lazy option. 

Our little one slept for almost 5 hours Ina hunk lady night. When you finally get a good night of sleep, it takes all you've got just to get out of bed. So today we rested.  

My dad and step mom just headed to bed on their last night here. It was a quick trip with even less notice they were coming. But oh how it makes our hearts happy when family comes to visit. 

Forever, we've been the 'entertainers.' You come visit us and we will run you ragged taking you everywhere we love to go. But now with our new normal of staying home, every visitor we have had basically just sat in the couch with us. 

A big part of me feels bad. Family and friends driving and flying half way across the country to spend their vacation days with us and we just sit. Shouldn't we be showing them our beautiful city? Taking them for a float? A hike? Something?

But then the small part of me thinks this is just wonderful. Just being. Soaking in each other. Sharing stories, sitting quietly, cooking and cleaning up, sipping on a drink and laughing over dinner. But most of all, just snuggling and being together. 

And that makes me happy. This season is so short lived but my prayer is that we fall in love with the slow and that becomes a true part of our forever norm. 

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