Thursday, September 10, 2015

Solly Wrap = Love

This thing is a miracle worker! (Not really but it's pretty freakin' amazing!)
I've spent the past 7 weeks sitting and holding this little guy non stop! I love love love it... But also have an incredibly busy 2 year old to chase around, peeling her off the tops of furniture and running back and forth to the potty 389 times a day. (Which by the way is going fabulously!)

Now that we don't have our 5 ft ball and chains (oximeter) hanging off one of his feet Anchor can now snuggle right into this amazing wrap. He loves that he always gets held. I love that I can hold him and be hands free when needed. Avin loves to have a few more minutes of moms time during the day. 

Thanks Solly Wrap! I love you! 

What are some baby goodies that you love and you couldn't live without? I'm also looking for baby toy/entertainment ideas... I think my 4 month old/newborn is getting bored during the day. 

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