Sunday, January 31, 2016

Anchor Update (kidneys)

On the outside, little Anchor Joel looks like a healthy, growing baby boy. And for the most part he is. 

But there is no doubt that he has overcome many challenges and still has a few he will be facing head on probably sooner than we will be ready for. 

Just days before we left the NICU after our nearly 3 month stay, Anchor started showing signs of hypertension. His blood pressure was considerably high, enough to medicate him immediately. After a renal ultrasound it was assumed that the hypertension was caused by a blood clot sheath that was most likely left behind by his picc line. We'd leave him on medicine until that sheath broke down and dissolved and that would likely take care of the hypertension. 

After working with Seattle Childrens, we were able to 'borrow' a blood pressure monitor and check his pressure measurements twice a day. The bigger Anchor got, the more meds he had to be on.  

The end of October, we went back to the pediatric nephrologist (kidney specialist) and had another ultrasound of his kidneys. This time it showed that his right kidney was noticeably smaller. Unsure if that was natural or caused by prematurity, we were told it was likely caused by restricted blood flow to that kidney. 

Last Wednesday, we had a follow up with his nephrologist. We are understanding now that there is likely a blood clot in his right kidney causing stunted growth or worst case no growth to that kidney. We will have more answers the bigger our sweet boy grows and we are able to track and trend kidney growth through ultrasound. 

We know whatever the outcome, we will continue to trust The Lord with everything. How can we not? He has never once left us with anything but peace and comfort during this journey. Sure, this can be uncomfortable... But I know there is good to come from every little thing in not only this boy's life, but ours too. 

I'm asking for prayers from you. Please pray for the healing for our precious sons kidney. Pray for normal function and growth. Please pray for lower blood pressures (which Joel and I continue to monitor here at home daily) and a chance for his little heart (more on that soon!) to get some rest from working so hard.  Oh and don't forget about his lungs.... We will have more news on that after Wedensdays appointment. God is good and full grace and hears every prayer. 

Now I just can't quit smiling at this photo. Today,  Joel and I found some diapers with anchors on them and we just HAD to have them for our boy. I melt. 

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