Thursday, October 2, 2014

MTDSA Silent Auction = Success

Through a few tears, we finally had everything donated for the silent auction set out on the table.  We finished setting up just in time to catch the tail end of the art show. Throughout the 45 minutes of these families sharing the joys and pain of Down Syndrome, we heard laughter and saw a few tear stained cheeks. I really wish I would have gotten to hear the whole thing. Everyone said it was amazing. 
There were so many items up for auction we pulled out two extra tables and still the tops were over crowded. 
The artwork was incredible. Jessie Crowley, owner and photographer of 5 Crow Photo (and one of my sweetest friends), was the brains and photographer behind these beautiful photos. The idea is that the black and white photos are what each individual feels that the world views them. 
The colored photographs showcase who they really are on the inside... What they want the world to see them as. 
The silent auction was about 35 minutes long total. We had over 60 bidders from all ages. There were a few kiddos, including my oldest two, who brought their hard earned money to try to snag a good deal. 
The end of the auction was quite busy but I feel like we were fairly organized. We learned a few things but we had everyone 'checked out' and heading home with their goodies in less than a half hour. 
We pulled it off! These beautiful ladies with me are two of the hardest working, motivated and organized girls I know. They made the silent auction a huge success. Which was our main goal because we love Jessie and MTDSA! 
It was an incredible night! We raised almost $3700 in about an hour! We are completely stoked to have a good start on raising the funds needed to launch the lending library. 

We couldn't have pulled this off without our amazing friends and local businesses who generously gave items and services for this event. I have been humbled through this whole experience. 

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