Monday, October 13, 2014

Day Off = Off Day

I was just off today. 

Woke up beyond late. Like 10:30am! 

Felt sluggish all day. Unmotivated. Pouty. Just off.

I had many tasks that needed done written in my planner but I barely scratched the surface. 

Mondays are our 'day off.' We don't home school on Mondays. We don't have any extra curricular activities that require a drive or a schedule. Nothing. 

But we do use Monday as a 'ReStart' day. A day to catch up on laundry, cleaning or office duties. 

This Monday was just a bit off. For all of us. A little more arguing. A few more tears. A lot of 'I'm sorry.'

Tomorrow (ummm today) is a new day. 

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