Friday, January 17, 2014

Productivity is for the Early Bird

The above photo was taken at 4:40am. I know what you're thinking... Is there something wrong with me?! Am I sick?! 

You don't need to call and check in on me because I was up early to serve our neighbors. We had the pleasure of watching two little guys today and they were with us from 5am - 5pm. 

That was the only reason I got up so early today. Or even thought of waking up before 9. Or 10. 

But something happened in the peace of this morning that I now crave. I've always thought people were CRAZY for waking up before the sun. But now I think I understand. 

Life was calm. I felt connected and focused. Everything seemed clear this morning. I was able to just plan and work on my to-do list. I made my husband coffee, eggs and toast for breakfast. We had a real conversation. I drank the Living Water. 

I feel refreshed. And now at 11pm... I'm ready for bed. Like an early bird would be. 

Rising early allowed me to be so much more productive and calm throughout the day. So many checks were made in my planner. I cooked a hot breakfast for all the kiddos. We sat and chatted. 

I don't think the words 'hurry up!' came out of my mouth today. There was no yelling. There was no arguments. I soaked in my girls today. Every last bit of them. I had time, and took the time, to show them love today. It wasn't a task focused day but more a thankful focused day. Why wouldn't I want to do this every day?

(Well, maybe not at 5am... But possibly 6!)

I even had time to sit and write out notes to people who where in my head and on my heart today. (I've never done this and it felt so good!)

I'm so inspired and on fire for life. I'm focused on God. I'm focused on my family. I'm focused on blessing others. It's a feeling I never want to go away. 

Side note: Tonight, our little family is having a sleepover at our church, Sovereign Hope. We are the overnight hosts to 4 homeless, in transition, families that are a part of the Family Promise program. This program has captured my heart. 

If you would, please say a prayer for the families who are currently snoozing after a long week of working or job searching. Being here is humbling. It is good for our souls. It makes one realize how incredibly blessed we are in the every day blessings we may overlook. If makes me want to give more of myself. To live more. To LOVE more. To smile more. To share more. To serve more. 

Friday night is our 'family night' and there is nothing else we'd rather be doing than loving on others, playing games and watching 'Flushed Away.' 

How do you and your family serve your community?

Choose to serve. There's nothing else like it. 


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