Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Obligation... not opportunity

When I read this little ditty from the book Tribes by Seth Godin... My mind became very clear on the difference between opportunity and obligation. 

I've spent a little time.. Ok a lot of time, being complacent with many things in my life. But especially my business. 

I could use any excuse in the book: just moved, homeschool my big girls, got pregnant and now chasing a toddling little munchkin.... Just to name a few. 

But what really happened was I became complacent. I got lazy. I started managing instead of leading my team. 

I've realized that I have an obligation to myself, my family, my team and my customers to work my business. Like really work it. Like 'work it girl!' work it! 

I'm obligated to be the best Scentsy Family girl to all my customers. To show them how much I appreciate them and tell them thank you for helping me get to where I am today with this company. I've always appreciated them... But now I have to show it!

I have an obligation to my team to help them reach their goals... Just as they helped me reah mine. They are the backbone to our business and they need to know how much I care for each and everyone of them. I need to start leading well.  Showing them how to get to where they want to go. Encouraging. And getting to know them... All about them!

I've had struggles and fears and I have failed many times... And I know 100% that I will fail many more times on the journey. But I also know that you cannot reach success without failing. So if trying new things, challenging everything I do will lead to failing... So be it. 

This girl is burning with passion right now. I'm ready to start over and choose to work my business again. No more excuses. Because what I've noticed is that when I'm not sharing my heart, my belief in the company and my passion for these products... I'm actually robbing everyone I know of the opportunity to allow Scentsy, Velata or Grace Adele to bless their life like it had ours. 

That's pretty selfish of me.  So... I choose to work my business. I choose to lead my team. I choose to share my passion. I choose joy.

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