Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bible Study

Four days strong. But more importantly, four days highest priority. 

My biggest goal for this year is to make time for The Lord. I want to learn all about Him. I crave to be head of heels for Him. I want to be so obsessed with Him that I can't think of anything else. 

In order for any of that to happen, I must plan intentional time that is dedicated to bible reading. 

Currently I am using the She Reads Truth bible app. They have a lot of plans you can purchase for around $2 each (mobile only) and most plans have a beautiful workbook you can purchase as well. Included is amazing artwork and scripture cards. 

I'm on day 4 of the John plan. Our church recently went through the book of John so it's fun to know what I'm reading and to repeat this book. 

They just posted a weekly bible verse at SRT. I just saved this photo as my lock screen on my phone. By weeks end, this will be memorized (or if I had a brain more like Arly it would be memorized after looking at it one more time!)

What are you using right now as your bible study and devotional? Do you have a daily bible devotional you love? Read the bible in a year? 


  1. I was able to print their bible in a year plan, free, from their website. :) I've really liked it so far.

  2. I am doing an "in-a-year plan". I have never read in the Message Version so I am giving it a try. What is your favorite version?

  3. I am a M'Cheyne plan girl for the last 3 yrs. This year doing the OT sched with it and then doing "Look at the Book" videos on desiring God for NT. Such a great resource to learn how to look at scripture.