Monday, September 7, 2015

I can do so much more...

There are days when I don't like the choices I make. Most days actually. 

Whether it's what time I sleep until or having one too many sweets. Or maybe it's the constant procrastination on nearly every deadline or to do. Lack of bible time or lack of physical activity. 

Ever since the whirlwind of baby Anchor, it seems no matter how hard or how much I think about something, I haven't been doing. 

I look around at some of my favorite people and crave specific things or disciplines that they have. Not that I'm discontent with my life, I love what I have going on... I'm just not living it to the fullest. 

I've made my list... that's the planner in me... of what small changes I'm going to make in my every day. Because they say 'small changes make a big difference.' 

And that's what I'm going for... A big difference. 

So now I'd like to know, what is a small something you know you should start doing in order to get that big change over time. How do you make sure you are living and loving life to the fullest?


  1. Setting small goals and giving it to God. Realizing he knows we are imperfect and that is exactly how he created us. He gave you Anchor and the struggles of Anchor to make you stronger. So if you have a extra sweet or skip walking it will be ok. Pray intentionally and love your blessings. Read your scripture daily and thank God even for the blessings that we do not always understand. Love you Jari

  2. I have the same thoughts and ambitions. I know the changes I want to make and want to fulfill my life. Every morning I wake up with my plans and then fall right back into routine. Where has my motivation gone?